Starters - PaTI x Fikra

︎     Introduction
︎     Process

01      JUN Hakyung
          Ayesha Bin Haider

02    LEE Hye-won
         Afra Ashraf

03    JUNG Yul
         Noora Moosa

04    HAN Yoon-ji
         Ammar Khaled

05    PARK Mirinae
         Hind Rais

06    YOON Jeongweon
         Moza Alfalasi

︎    Starters 1.0


Regag Paper

Regag bread 

Amwaj Pastry Bakery, Sharjah, UAE

            My project starts with a strong interest in the tangible experience of holding the dough, rolling it, spreading it, leaving physical traces in the process of making regag, an extremely thin paper-like type of Emirati bread. I recreate this process using a dough to make paper instead of food. Spreading the mixture to a very thin level, my hands leave traces as a fine sheet of regag paper is created.

            The video captures the process of making the paper with a custom track that I created, inspired by Emirati music, in the background, creating a fully sensorial atmosphere as if I was in the UAE, in the same bakery my partner introduced me to.


HAN Yoon-ji
Currently a student at Paju Typography Institute. My work focuses on traditional cultures and visual communication, and gastronomy as a key component.