Starters - PaTI x Fikra

︎     Introduction
︎     Process

01      JUN Hakyung
          Ayesha Bin Haider

02    LEE Hye-won
         Afra Ashraf

03    JUNG Yul
         Noora Moosa

04    HAN Yoon-ji
         Ammar Khaled

05    PARK Mirinae
         Hind Rais

06    YOON Jeongweon
         Moza Alfalasi

︎    Starters 1.0


Warm Regag Giver

Regag bread 

Noor Al Fanoos Bakery, Dubai 

            Regag is a popular bread in the UAE. Very thin, crispy in texture, this type of bread is folded multiple times when served. It is also considered a street-food and is eaten at any time of the day, usually bought at a bakery, where customers have the opportunty to see the quick cooking process and engage with the baker in everyday conversation. It is usually served with fish sauce or cheese.

            The relationship established between the customer and the baker is what interested me the most, because it evoques imagination and anticipation. I can visualize regag as reminescent of a letter being handed over...they share very similar properties. They are both thin, crispy, and foldable. These observations turned into Warm Regag Giver, a regag memo paper holder. My final project consists of memo paper made of fibres, similar to the regag texture which here is used as a tool. I hope this memo will be exchanged, found and received as commonly as regag with messages of warmth and comfort.

Process work

Yul is a senior Design student at Paju Typography Institute and her interest lies in understanding unexpected combinations and pure coincidences emerging from the process of design and making. She appreciates and feels empowered in her investigation by the driving force behind design and the making process.