Starters - PaTI x Fikra

︎     Introduction
︎     Process

01      JUN Hakyung
          Ayesha Bin Haider

02    LEE Hye-won
         Afra Ashraf

03    JUNG Yul
         Noora Moosa

04    HAN Yoon-ji
         Ammar Khaled

05    PARK Mirinae
         Hind Rais

06    YOON Jeongweon
         Moza Alfalasi

︎    Starters 1.0


Virtual Picnic

Gimbap (Korean seaweed rice roll) 

Nanji Hangang Park in Seoul, South Korea

            The poster depicts a surreal representation of my Korean partner having a picnic between Nanji Hangang Park in Seoul and Noor Al Fanoos bakery in Dubai, including a grocery shop in the background. In this project, Yul and I both had a virtual picnic to share our local dishes, introduce new ingredients, explore exotic flavors and document the foreign cuisine experience to each other. We shared a collection of material including pictures, videos and sound to travel metaphorically and build a cultural bridge between the UAE and South Korea. The collage is assembled with pictures and prints both from our food experiences to showcase our research process and locations in one composition, as if we were enjoying a picnic together in the same place. I also experimented with different mediums to produce a paper sculpture of Gimbap which was the Korean dish that was introduced to me by Yul. The sculpture is wrapped with black paper to resemble seaweed, tissue paper for rice, and painted with three colors representing the vegetables. 

Process work 


Noora Moosa
A curious graphic designer who lives in Dubai and enjoys learning new things by reading, traveling, and communicating. She designs to translate boring texts or flowing ideas into visuals that make people’s lives easier and concise. However, Cultural Diplomacy and Videography are two of her other interests that she aims to develop.