Starters - PaTI x Fikra

︎     Introduction
︎     Process

01      JUN Hakyung
          Ayesha Bin Haider

02    LEE Hye-won
         Afra Ashraf

03    JUNG Yul
         Noora Moosa

04    HAN Yoon-ji
         Ammar Khaled

05    PARK Mirinae
         Hind Rais

06    YOON Jeongweon
         Moza Alfalasi

︎    Starters 1.0


Starters 2.0
Exchange Process

            Each of the 12 students presented a ‘food + location’ of their own choice from their own country, alongside the full experience of getting there, of preparing or ordering the meal and consuming it. The designers were then paired randomly, and carried out an investigation of their partner’s selection while bringing their own interpretation to the topic.

            The cultural exchange and design research culminated in a virtual exhibition depicting the the final outcome as well as the journey, design process, personal impressions and the plethora of conversations along the way that led to a much deeper understanding of each other's culture and way of life.